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Senior Care from Home Care Assistance in Berry Hill, TN

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Senior Care from Home Care Assistance in Berry Hill, TN

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Home Care Assistance of Nashville Offers Senior Care in Berry Hill, TN

Berry Hill may be small in size and population, but it’s a charming little part of Metro Nashville. And Home Care Assistance is proud to serve elderly adults here with the best senior care. Our mission is to help older adults lead happy, active, and independent lives at home – and it’s a joy to do this in the great state of Tennessee.

Senior Care Services in Berry Hill, TN

Living in the Music City is great on its own, and so is being surrounded by people who care for you. Sometimes it’s not always possible to have family nearby, which is why Home Care Assistance is here to assist your loved one. Our team helps with a variety of daily activities:

Hourly Care – We provide flexible hourly care whenever seniors and caregivers need a helping hand.

Live-In or 24-Hour Care – Our team provides around-the-clock assistance and supervision to aging adults with advanced care needs.

Alzheimer’s Care – This program is specifically designed to address the needs of clients living with the most common type of dementia – Alzheimer’s.

Dementia Care – Instead of relocating to an assisted living facility, older adults with any type of dementia can continue living safely at home.

Stroke Care – This care plan aims to provide sufficient levels of care and support after a stroke so that seniors can recover and regain independence at a quicker pace.

Parkinson’s Care – This program is designed to boost the quality of life of seniors afflicted with debilitating Parkinson’s disease.

Hospice Support – The final stages of one’s life can be overwhelming for the whole family. We allow terminally ill seniors to spend their final months and weeks at home as comfortably as possible and provide support and respite to family members.

Post-Hospital Care – Seniors recently discharged from a hospital can boost their recuperation and minimize re-admission risks aided by an experienced caregiver.

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From Home Care Assistance of Nashville

When you opt for Home Care Assistance, we start by taking the time to get to know you and your loved one. Our care manager can visit you in mom or dad’s home and learn more about their age, medical conditions, personality, routines, and preferred lifestyle. Based on the gathered information, we will develop a fully personalized schedule of senior care that will match your loved one’s needs. Additionally, we will make every effort to find you a skilled, compatible caregiver with whom your loved one can easily bond.

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