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Senior Care in La Vergne, TN

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Senior Care in La Vergne, TN

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Personalized Senior Care Programs for Seniors Living Near La Vergne, Tennessee

Welcome home to La Vergne, Tennessee! La Vergne sits just outside of Nashville and is a wonderful suburb to live life to the fullest. Here you’ll experience a rural feel and all the southern charm that is known and loved in Tennessee. And did we mention warmer weather? That’s always a benefit of living south for seniors! It’s also the perfect city for those looking to connect with nature. Explore any one of our vast reservoirs. You will love calling La Vergne “home!”

A Higher Quality of Caregivers

We proudly boast world-class caregivers here at Home Care Assistance of La Vergne! Our caregivers are committed to providing excellent concierge care to your senior loved one and the whole family. We believe our caregivers are our champions, so we are very selective when it comes to building our team. As a part of our hiring process, each selected applicant must complete a thorough background check, reference check, personality exam, and psychological exam. This extensive process allows us to be confident about who we are hiring to care for your senior!

Personalized Senior Care Plans

Our team of caregivers is ready and well-equipped to carry out the details of your senior’s personalized care plan. This is an unmatched level of customization and care! At Home Care Assistance in La Vergne, we see the value in tailoring our plans to the specific needs of your senior so that this experience is uniquely personal. This ultimately means that no matter whether a senior has basic or advanced care requirements, our caregivers will deliver the proper care.

The HCA Difference

While there are many things that we believe set us our agency apart from our competition, it all really comes down to our caregivers, customization, and dedication to helping seniors live a higher quality of life at home. We are especially proud of our exclusively developed programs below that cater to seniors with a variety of needs!

The Cognitive Therapeutics Method: We assist seniors with dementia and help them to improve their memory, language, executive functioning, and visual-spatial perception.

The Balanced Care Method: This was developed to boost your senior’s health through a healthy diet, mental and social stimulation, and regular exercise.

Getting started on your home care journey is simple! Our friendly caregivers at Home Care Assistance of Nashville are here for you any time. Please reach out to us to schedule your consultation and learn more about our customized senior care plans in La Vergne, TN!

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