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How Hydrotherapy Helps Seniors with Arthritis

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The Benefits of Hydrotherapy for Nashville, TN Seniors with Arthritis

Arthritis is one of the most common chronic conditions among seniors today. The condition leads to pain, swelling, and loss of easy mobility in senior joints as they age and cartilage wears away. Generally, the type of arthritis that most commonly affects seniors is osteoarthritis, though other forms like rheumatoid arthritis are also quite prominent. Arthritis can last for years, sometimes for life, and can worsen over time. While there is no cure, there are a lot of treatment options available to seniors, including hydrotherapy. Nashville hourly care providers explain what hydrotherapy is and how it can help seniors with arthritis.

What Is Hydrotherapy?

Hydrotherapy focuses on exercises performed in pools using smooth, slow, controlled movements to help improve range of motion and strength. Hydrotherapy can also help with the discomfort associated with arthritis. Generally, the pool used for hydrotherapy is warmer than a typical swimming pool, and the therapy is usually offered by a physical therapist or an arthritis specialist in a therapy center or hospital setting. The therapist will help your loved one focus on making slow progress and gradually improve his or her range of motion over time.

How Does It Help?

Studies suggest that the warmth of the water is soothing to the joints and may help with healing while also helping your loved one’s joints improve their range of motion. Likewise, hydrotherapy involves a customized routine for your loved one’s needs conducted by a medical professional. The gives your loved one not only an improved range of motion and pain reduction but also provides stress relief and relaxation. Working in water makes movements easier for your loved one, meaning he or she is likely to progress during each session and regain a sense of confidence during other treatments. Due to these benefits, hydrotherapy has been suggested as one of the first-line treatments that should be offered to those living with arthritis.

If you’re looking for additional ways to help your senior loved one manage his or her arthritis symptoms, reach out to Home Care Assistance. Highly trained caregivers, each of which can help your loved one with mobility training and physical exercise to relieve arthritis pain, provide comprehensive in-home care in Nashville. To learn more about at-home care, contact a friendly Care Manager at (615) 326-9849 today.