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Live In Caregiver Service from Home Care Assistance in Nashville, TN

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Live In Caregiver Service from Home Care Assistance in Nashville, TN

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A Live In Caregiver Can Help Your Elderly Loved One Age In Place in Nashville, TN and the Surrounding Area

Caring for an older loved one can seem like a full-time job, especially if they have specialized needs.

In fact, AARP recently reported that family caregivers can spend 40 hours a week providing in-home support for a senior loved one. Over time, this level of commitment can become overwhelming, leading to fatigue and frustration in family members.

But, you don’t have to do it alone.

live-in caregiver provides essential relief and peace of mind for family members who may be struggling to help their loved ones age in the comfort of home.

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What does a live in caregiver do?

Everyone deserves to enjoy the later years of life in their own home, but as we age, maintaining an independent lifestyle can become difficult.

A live in caregiver provides the highest level of assistance and supervision at home. Their job is to cater to and meet all of a senior’s unique needs — including physical activity, personal care, nutrition, even mental and emotional health. Hiring a live in caregiver supports the independent lifestyle we all deserve!

Here are some specific examples of how a caregiver can help…

  • On-site assistance with personal care and hygiene
  • Meal planning and preparation
  • Companionship and emotional support
  • Physical therapy and exercise
  • Keeping up with doctor’s appointments
  • Monitoring medication schedule

Here’s how you can start the conversation…

Deciding that it’s time to get outside support for your senior loved one can be a difficult conversation.

Many adults who have been receiving care from a family member may be apprehensive about the idea of having an outsider come into their home. Here are some ideas to start that conversation and provide your loved one with reassurance.


Understand that your loved one may have reasonable reservations about their care. It’s important to hear them out and be sensitive to what the are feeling.

Be Open

This will likely be the first of many conversations, so it is important to be open about why you are choosing to hire a live in caregiver and allow room for your loved one to reach their own conclusions.


It’s okay to share your needs, too. Reassure your senior that this is meant to help you both.

Ask Questions

When you have decided it’s time for a live-in caregiver, it’s usually because there are signs in your loved one’s behavior that indicate they may need additional support. Ask questions about these signs to help them reach the same conclusion.

Provide Reassurance

Sometimes, we all need a reminder that the ones we love are always there for us. Make it clear you are not abandoning them and that you love them.

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