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Parkinson’s Care for Seniors from Home Care Assistance in Nashville, TN

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Parkinson’s Care for Seniors from Home Care Assistance in Nashville, TN

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Schedule Professionally Staffed Parkinson’s Care for Seniors

When a Parkinson’s diagnosis leaves a loved one believing they must surrender their independence, compassionate and professional home care from Home Care Assistance of Nashville offers quality care so that those living with Parkinson’s can retain their daily routine as safely and independently as possible.

Our caregivers receive specialized training in Parkinson’s care for senior adults, focusing on how to care for the symptoms of the disease. Our caregivers will assist your loved one on a schedule that best meets their needs, whether it’s a few hours a day or on an around-the-clock basis.

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Individualized Care Plans Designed for Senior Adults

Seniors face a number of physical, emotional, and cognitive changes when diagnosed with Parkinson’s, making it vital to create a Parkinson’s care plan that is tailored to current needs but is still flexible enough to accommodate future health challenges. In order to create the most comprehensive care plan that promotes safety at home, our dedicated Care Managers assess:

  • Your loved one’s current health, care needs, and preferences
  • How safe the home is for a senior with mobility issues
  • Family involvement in care to help determine the best schedule
  • Any medical reports from physicians or specialists
  • Participation in physical, speech, or occupational therapy

Parkinson’s Care for Seniors and Support for Family Members

Devoted family members often step up to provide their loved one with assistance in the early stages of Parkinson’s, yet as symptoms become more complex, care demands increase as well. Join the thousands of families throughout the nation that trust Home Care Assistance caregivers to provide in-home Parkinson’s care and enjoy emotional support from our caregivers, Care Managers, and front office staff. We’re always on-call to answer questions, change care schedules in case of an emergency, and offer a listening ear on the days that feel tougher than most.

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