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Vital Monitoring for Seniors from Home Care Assistance in Nashville, TN

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Vital Monitoring for Seniors from Home Care Assistance in Nashville, TN

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Keep an eye on your senior loved one’s health from anywhere.

The Stay Connected plan from Home Care Assistance is the vital monitoring solution for elderly adults designed with the challenges of social distancing in mind.

With a set of easy-to-use healthcare tech, seniors can track their health and vitals at home while family can help from a distance. Plus, a registered nurse is on call 24/7 to quickly respond to any major concerns. The Stay Connected plan includes:

  • Thermometer
  • Pulse Oximeter
  • Blood Pressure Cuff
  • Bluetooth Cellular Hub
  • 24/7 Monitoring from a Nurse

So, How Does It Work?

Our vital monitoring for seniors is a unique program that offers peace of mind to family members. The Stay Connected Plan includes several smart health devices including a thermometer, pulse oximeter and blood pressure cuff for quick and easy temperature and blood pressure checks that are monitored by a registered nurse.

But that’s not all…

Your registered nurse is on hand 24/7 to quickly address any health concerns or advise if your loved one should seek immediate medical care. This means that if your loved has symptoms like a fever, a medical professional will be there for you.

Why Choose Home Care Assistance

Our caregivers are committed champions for the needs of seniors as they age. Each of our services are designed to enable the independence and dignity of your loved one at home.

As a recognized leader in high-quality home care, Home Care Assistance of Nashville is a name you can trust.

But here’s what really matters.

Our unmatched expertise and commitment to your loved one will elevate their quality of life. We believe that with the proper care, we can protect your family member’s health and help them live a more fulfilled life where they prefer – in the comfort of home.

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