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Choosing Between Adult Day Care and In Home Senior Care: What You Should Know

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In home care or adult day care

When an aging loved one is counting on you for his or her wellness decisions, it’s a big responsibility. With so many providers and solutions for senior care, you might need to sift through a great deal of information to determine which is truly the best solution for your older friend or family member.

Senior care centers are opening up in every community, offering independent, assisted and skilled care solutions. However, in-home care or adult day care may provide the favored solution so the older adult doesn’t have to move. In order to make a good decision, learn the differences between in-home care and adult day care. Possibly, one of these simpler options are best for your situation.

What are in-home senior care options?

In-home senior care allows aging adults to remain comfortably in their own homes. Aging adults typically prefer aging in place when possible. The care provided at home can be either medical or non-medical care. If the adult needs help with running errands, housekeeping, preparing meals, or bathing, they need non-medical care. If they also need assistance with therapy or medication, they are in need of skilled or medical care assistance. Either way, professionally trained companions can provide meaningful conversation at home, and socialization is vitally important for healthy body and mind. Perhaps just an occasional visit of in-home senior care is enough for your older loved one, or maybe he or she will be better off with a mix of senior care at home plus a day or two of adult day care.

What are the benefits of adult day care?

Adult day care offered by community or private centers can be great mental stimulation for older loved ones. They have exercise classes, and also provide the necessary social interaction that can make seniors happier with life. Some senior care centers provide physical therapy and medication assistance, too. The center’s open hours must match your family needs or this won’t be the best solution for you.

When you are ready for help with a customized solution, call your Home Care Assistance office nearest you. Ask about which senior care options are the best match for you or your loved one. Our caring staff is happy to talk with you about different types of medical care, non-medical care, memory care, post-hospital care, and advanced care options that are available.

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