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Practical Skin Care Tips for Seniors

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How to Help Seniors Maintain Healthy Skin Care in Nashville, TN

The aging process is not always kind to the body, and can be even worse for our skin. Senior citizens are prone to skin issues such as dry skin, skin cancer and tears due to their advanced age and the amount of exposure to the elements their skin has experienced over the years. Fortunately, there are simple steps that hourly caregivers in Nashville can help seniors try to protect their loved ones’ skin from any age and environmental damage.

Eat and Drink to Hydrate

Aging skin problems arise because as seniors get older, their skin begins to thin and dry. Staying hydrated and eating foods that are high in antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals will help keep skin healthy and prevent dryness. Nashville home care providers can help by encouraging seniors to eat nutritious meals and drink plenty of water.

Use Mild Soaps and Lotions

Soaps can be very harsh and drying on all kinds of skin, particularly seniors. Taking care to use mild soaps will prevent skin from drying out further. After baths or showers, make sure your loved one applies a hydrating lotion to help seal in moisture.

Limit Showers and Avoid Hot Water

As odd as it sounds, hot water can dry out skin and strip natural protective oils away. Advise your loved one avoid long baths in hot water, if possible and shower less frequently. Avoid adding oil to the bathwater as this creates a fall hazard.

Consider Using a Room Humidifier

Humidifiers are great for making dry winter air breathable. They are also good for restoring moisture to dry skin. Room humidifiers keep the air in a senior’s environment humid, which will help with keeping skin healthy in addition to relieving itchy throats.

Limit Exposure to Sunlight

The elderly are prone to developing skin cancer after exposure to long periods of sunlight. If your loved one spends a lot of time outside, use strong sunblock with a high SPF rating. Further protect his or her skin by encouraging your loved one to wear a wide-brimmed hat and protective sunglasses.

Skin health is only part of the multifaceted responsibility of caring for seniors. To learn more about keeping your loved one healthy during the golden years, turn to Home Care Assistance of Nashville. In addition to promoting senior wellbeing, we provide comprehensive services such as dementia, stroke, and Alzheimer’s home care for Nashville seniors. Give your loved one the home care he or she deserves by calling (615) 326-9849 and scheduling a free in-home consultation.