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Five Indications Your Loved One May Need In-Home Senior Care

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Signs for Senior Care

If you have been trying to decide if your loved needs in-home senior care, that can be a difficult decision and we understand. What we find helpful letting you know and understand exactly what in-home senior care is and how it works. This is a service that lets your senior age in the comfort of their own home for as long as possible instead of living in a facility. In-home senior care can be provided constantly, 24/7, or on specific days and times of the week.

You will have a wide variety of in-home care services to choose from and that will depend on your loved one’s needs. Do they need medical assistance? Socialization and companionship services? Non-medical help with cooking, cleaning, bathing, running errands, etc.? All of these can be provided. So now the question we have to ask is, how do we know when our loved one needs these in-home care services?

Watch for these signs to let you know when it’s time:

Forgetting Things

Has your loved one become more forgetful recently? Check their mail and bills – Have they been opening their mail regularly, or is it stacking up? Are their bills paid and up to date?

Worsening Health and Recent Accidents

If your loved one has faced a recent medical scare, or maybe has had an accident, such as a fall – These could be signs it’s time for in-care services. As we continue to age, repeat accidents are likely to occur.

Loss of Interest and Low Energy

How is your loved one’s energy level? If they’re lower and they seem a little bit slower than usual, this may be a sign. Have you noticed if they still have the same interest in their activities and hobbies?

Are They Leaving the House?

If your loved one goes through periods of not leaving the house – perhaps for days at a time – this may be because they are too afraid to drive themselves to use public transportation on their own.

Changes in Cleanliness and Organization

The next time you visit your loved one’s home, take a look around. Do you notice if the home is clean, or is it disorganized and maybe a little dirty? How does your loved one look – Are their clothes clean? How is their hygiene? These are questions to ask yourself on your next visit.

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