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Grandkids and Senior Care: Millennials as “Primary Care” Providers

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Millennials Providing Senior Care

Think about the word “caregiver.” What comes to your mind?

You probably don’t associate it with Millennials… but you should!

Millennials ages 20 – 34 are a fast-growing group that is stepping into “primary” caregiver roles to take care of their grandparents. As a result, their parents are becoming “secondary” caregivers.

The Millennial generation is taking on the responsibilities that come with providing senior care for their grandparents. The average Millennial caregiver is 27 years old and is male or female. There are currently approximately 5.3 million grandchildren caring for a grandparent, meaning 1 in 12 caregivers is a Millennial.

Take a look below to learn why so many Millennials are providing senior care:

Support & Compassion

Sometimes explanations are very simple, like in this case. Millennials display natural compassion for their grandparents, and they want to help support the older members of their family.

Deceased Parents/Grandparents

If a parent or grandparent who was mean to be the primary caregiver has passed away, then Millennials are the next in line to assume this role.

Reciprocal Relationships

Millennials recognize that their grandparent cared for them many times as a child, and they just want to provide the same love and care for them in their old age. They like spending time with their grandparents because they know they will miss them when they are gone.

Below are several ways that Millennials are providing senior care:


By spending time with their grandparents, Millennials are able to learn about their hobbies and interests to pass down to the next generation. Bonds are also reinforced by frequently sending their grandparents mail and keeping in touch electronically.

Errands and Chores

Some of the challenges we face as we age include driving, mobility and memory. Millennials are stepping up and helping their grandparents with transportation, errands, and household tasks like cleaning, cooking, sorting mail, paying bills, and hygiene.

As a primary caregiver, it is not uncommon for Millennials to feel burned out from their duties, even though they’re happy to be providing senior care. This generation also needs support since they have often sacrificed their friends, schooling, and/or careers.

That is why we want to help at Home Care Assistance. Our specialized programs and flexible schedules allow us to alleviate your stress as a primary caregiver and continue providing your grandparents with the senior care they deserve. Please call to schedule your consultation and discuss your senior’s options!