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What to Expect After Your Senior Loved One Has a Hip Replacement

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What to Expect After Your Senior Loved One Has a Hip Replacement Surgery in Nashville, TN

Following hip replacement surgery, senior loved ones typically remain in the hospital for three to five days. During this time, medical staff will ensure that your loved one has adequate pain management and assistance with personal hygiene needs, position changes and physical therapy. Once the elderly adult returns home, ongoing assistance provided by family members or Nashville senior home care providers is often necessary.

Home Accessibility

Ensure that pathways to various rooms are obstruction free to prevent falls. Place frequently used items at waist level to prevent the senior from bending over. Until your loved one is fully recovered, he or she will not be able to flex the hip joint more than 45 degrees, which prevents dislocating the implant. Seniors also cannot sit on extremely low chairs or toilets. Stairways are also generally off limits.

Physical Limitations

While recovering, seniors may need assistance to change from lying, sitting and standing positions. Depending on the type of surgery performed, they may be required to use crutches, a walker or other device to prevent putting their full weight on the affected leg. While sitting in a favorite location, it is helpful to have commonly used items within reach. Having someone to prepare meals, perform housekeeping chores and run errands may also be necessary for a while.

Emotional Symptoms

Seniors may fatigue easily or become irritable when feeling discomfort. Caregivers should ensure that their loved one continues taking pain medications as prescribed. As complete healing may take anywhere from three to six months, seniors may become frustrated, angry or depressed. Spending time with a loved one to divert their attention elsewhere along with being compassionate and supportive will help pass the time during the healing process.

Adequate Nutrition

When preparing meals, take into consideration that your loved one needs healthy meals and snacks that provide sufficient amounts of vitamin C and protein to encourage quick and efficient healing. Choose meals that include lean meats and plenty of vegetables and fruits. These food items will not only satisfy your loved one’s hunger, but also aid in the healing process.

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