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Home Care Technology: What’s New in 2019

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Senior Home Care Tech Changes in Nashville, TN

The future of home care is bright with continuously new and innovative technologies for aging adults. Detection devices can monitor safety and security for people concerned about fall prevention. A silent alarm can alert someone to check on Grandma if she doesn’t get out of bed by a predetermined time. Sensors can be used for so much more than home security. In fact, they are now so highly sensitive that they can signal whether a person is sitting, standing, or has just fallen down in his or her home. Wearable monitors alert to high blood glucose, blood pressure extremes and diet status. Memory aids help older persons to continue living independently. Technology’s rapid advances connect the elderly with caregivers on a screen, by voice or at the touch of an alert button.

Advancing health technology is enabling more people to stay in their own homes longer, aging in place as they prefer. Billions of dollars invested into technological advances for home care have manifested into speedy communications between patients or caregivers and the emergency response teams, allowing better health outcomes. Additionally, there is a considerable cost savings for aging adults when they can set virtual appointments for video chats with the doctor, nurse or health coach.

Focus on the prevention of disease is possible through monitoring and diagnostics. There are mobile apps that help with stress reduction and encourage lifestyle changes which can impact a patient’s health and wellness.

There are many advances with the proper administration of medication, too. This brings safety to people with impaired memory or mental illnesses which have been problematic in the past. Facial-recognition technology will only allow prescription medications to be dispensed in the home at the right time and dosage, whereas a home care assistant might have been necessary prior to this. There are ingestible devices that can actually determine whether a pill has already been taken and there are “smart pill bottles” providing further advancement in home care, only allowing the necessary dose of medication in a timely manner.

Whether old or young, our culture is benefitting from these newest apps and devices that offer monitoring of data and activities for both personal use and for the patient’s medical team.

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