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Assisting Your Loved One With Eating After A Stroke in Nashville, TN

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Senior home care provider helping an older woman eat after a stroke in Nashville, TN

Providing Nutrition to Someone in Stroke Care

Loved ones who require stroke care may be challenged with eating independently. They may have difficulty chewing and swallowing, or it might be too hard to get arms and hands to move smoothly enough to get food into the mouth.

Ask your medical team for assistance if your loved one in stroke care has too much difficulty eating meals. However, the tips below may be helpful:

Encourage Consistency in Meal Times

  • Encourage a regular dining schedule. People consume more healthy food when dining with loved ones. Consistent meal times, with your patience at the table, is best for your loved one in stroke care.
  • When does my loved one like to eat? Maybe mid-morning isn’t best for your loved one. Try an earlier or later meal time so you can figure out what works best for the patient in stroke care.
  • Foods high in nutrition. Help build up your loved one’s vigor and stamina by offering foods high in nutrition while in stroke care.
  • What does your loved one prefer? Feel free to satisfy your loved one’s requests for specific foods as long as they are easy to chew or swallow and have nutritional value.

Softer Food is Easier for People in Stroke Care

  • Blend the fruits and veggies: Get creative with smoothies that can help with easy-to-swallow nutrition.
  • Fiber is necessary: Prepared oatmeal is loaded with fiber and is an easy breakfast or snack.
  • Soft eggs: Most people enjoy scrambled or soft-boiled eggs. They’re a good source of protein, too.
  • Soft desserts: Everyone should be able to consume occasional sweets, but low-nutrition desserts should only be eaten once in a while.
  • Ready-to-go liquid meals: High-calorie protein shakes are easy for loved ones in stroke care to swallow.
  • Try specialty utensils: Cushioned utensils or ones with specialized grips can be ordered online and are helpful to anyone in stroke care who is struggling to eat independently.

Don’t Hesitate to Seek Help

Don’t let the situation be more difficult than necessary. Seek help as needed because stroke care assistance can be a challenge for a family. Contact your nearest Home Care Assistance in Nashville, TN at (615) 326-9849 location for more details about caregiving and meal preparation and assistance during this difficult time.