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Senior Athletes: Going Strong After 70

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Inspirational Elderly Athletes Over 70 in Nashville, TN

To some, reaching retirement age means a chance to enjoy the fruits of their labor while relaxing. However, other seniors view getting older as part of life’s journey that will not stop them from doing what they love. Thousands of seniors in the latter group are accomplished athletes who participate in the National Senior Games. Following are a handful of accomplished elderly athletes that inspire seniors and Nashville senior home care providers.

DeEtte Sauer

Determined to lose weight while in her 40s, the Texas native grew bored with conventional exercise. Sauer developed a love of swimming in her pursuit of optimal fitness. Today, at the age of 75, she is a medal-winning champion who continues to compete in the National Senior Games.

Ethel Lehmann

Though sidelined for decades, Ethel and her husband joined a softball league in her Florida community while in their 40s. In 1995, Lehmann established the Florida Freedom Spirit senior women’s softball team. To date, the Senior Olympic competing couple has earned 10 medals. 

Flo Meiler

Meiler mastered the high jump, the hammer throw, the javelin and various running races by age 60. Five years later, she expanded her repertoire of events to include pole-vaulting. The 82-year-old athlete established 15 world records. She also has more than 700 medals, 80 trophies and more than 100 ribbons. 

Jerry LeVasseur

LeVasseur learned about adversity at an early age while recovering from severe burns caused by a fire that claimed the life of his mother. Dogsled-racing and running track events became his primary passions. At 78, he is proud of his athletic achievements that include winning more than 1,000 races.

Joe Johnston

Johnston is 72-year-old pole-vaulter who hails from Florida. He began participating in track events at the age of 60. In 2013, he won a gold medal in the Senior Games. This accomplishment lead to the construction of his own pole-vaulting training area in his backyard. 

John Sanmartini

The immigrant from Switzerland began cycling at the age of 55. Today, the 86-year-old continues riding with the Velo Avanti team in California and competes in the Senior Games. 

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