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How to Rekindle Your Sexual Spark

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How Seniors Can Reignite the Sexual Spark in Their Relationships in Nashville, TN

During the early days of a relationship, passion is not very hard to come by. But as a couple ages, they may find themselves feeling less and less passionate and consequently having less sex. The good news is it doesn’t have to be this way. One of the largest studies of its kind examined over 38 thousand couples that had been married for at least three years to find that the most sexually active couples had a few traits in common. The results may surprise senior couples and Nashville home care providers.

Keep It Interesting

One of the biggest tips for couples who are struggling sexually is to experiment with one another. One of the largest trends among satisfied couples was that they experimented in different ways, whether it was trying out new positions, acting out fantasies, experimenting with sex toys, or even going on romantic getaways. On the other hand, dissatisfied couples more often than not reported feeling that they were just going through the motions during their sexual experiences.

Maintain Intimacy Outside the Bedroom

Another equally important tip is fairly well known but needs to be said. It’s important for couples to engage in other physical expressions of intimacy (such as cuddling and deep kissing) even when sex isn’t possible. Keeping the passion alive outside the bedroom will ensure that when it’s time for sex, it will naturally be more passionate.

Make Your Partner Feel Attractive

Don’t let your sex become a mundane routine. It is easy to fall into a pattern, engaging in the same basic acts nightly, but it may lead to your sex life becoming dull. To avoid this, be sure to remind your partner in little ways how attracted you are to him or her. When significant others feel desired, it deeply enriches your experience as a couple.

It’s also important for seniors to understand their limitations when it comes to sex. Encourage your loved one to see a doctor and determine whether or not sex is safe for him or her. Should your loved one have an illness or injury that inhibits sexual activity, turn to Home Care Assistance for help. Not only do we assist seniors with daily chores and activities, but we also provide specialized services including Alzheimer’s, dementia, and Nashville post-stroke care to help seniors overcome the challenges of illness or injury. Contact us today at (615) 326-9849 to speak with an experienced Care Manager and schedule a free consultation.