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4 Legal Documents All Family Caregivers Should Have

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Essential Legal Documents Every Family Caregiver Needs in Nashville, TN

When you become a caregiver, it is important to make sure that you do not forget the legal aspects of your position. In order to effectively take care of your elderly loved one, you will need to make sure that you are legally authorized to do what is best for him or her and fulfill his or her medical, financial and end-of-life intentions. Nashville elderly care providers recommend that family caregivers procure the following four legal documents to carry out their loved one’s wishes. 

1. Advance Health Care Plan

An advance health care plan is a legal document created by a lawyer that is often referred to as a “living will.” It will specify what sort of healthcare actions and services are acceptable or unacceptable if your senior loved one is unconscious or otherwise unable to communicate.

2. Last Will and Testament

A will provides a senior with assurance that his or her property and estate will be distributed in the manner that he or she sees fit. Family caregivers should help seniors draft a will with a lawyer if they do not have one. This helps families avoid any hassle or conflict once their senior loved ones pass away. 

3. Power of Attorney for Healthcare

A durable power of attorney for healthcare allows a senior to appoint their caregiver as a health care agent. This will allow the caregiver to make decisions for the senior with a doctor and choose the type of healthcare providers that the senior will visit. Typically, these documents will take effect if the senior is unable to understand the situation or communicate with a doctor, or if he or she requires Alzheimer’s or dementia care in Nashville.

4. Power of Attorney for Finances

A durable power of attorney for finances is a simple and affordable way for a senior to allow someone to manage his or her finances. A senior can choose to have an option that only transfers power if he or she becomes incapacitated, or it can take effect immediately. Financial power of attorney allows a caregiver to invest money, operate businesses, file taxes, manage accounts, and use the senior’s assets to manage the senior’s expenses. 

You may need time to yourself to gather and carry out these wishes for your senior family member. Contact Home Care Assistance at (615) 326-9849 today to let us help you take care of your loved one. We provide flexible respite home care in Nashville that enables family caregivers to step away to rest, recharge, or simply take care of other matters on behalf of their senior loved ones. Let us help you give your loved one the in-home care he or she deserves.