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Everything You Need to Know About Memory Screening

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How To Use Memory Screening Tools In Elders in Nashville, TN

Memory loss in senior citizens is typically caused by dementia, which refers to a general condition that affects various brain functions. Alzheimer’s disease, the most common type of dementia, can cause a gradual loss in short-term and long-term memory in elderly people. Therefore, it’s important for seniors to undergo routine memory screenings at least once per year. Following is everything Nashville dementia caregivers need to know about memory screening.

Types of Memory Screening Tests

The General Practitioner Assessment of Cognition can be done by an elderly person’s primary care physician. Geriatric doctors might have special training to conduct this preliminary test that identifies a loss in a person’s cognitive function. In a Memory Impairment Screen, individuals are shown some words on a sheet of paper. A few minutes later, seniors are then asked to recall the words that have been displayed. The Brief Alzheimer’s Screening may require patients to spell some words backwards, identify different species of animals n less than 30 seconds and answer questions about current dates and times.

National Memory Screening Program

The Alzheimer’s Foundation of America supports a national initiative that aims to help seniors who might be prone to various forms of memory loss. This organization is credited with setting up the National Memory Screening Week. Held during the first week of November, this program delivers free and reliable memory screenings for aging individuals. Seniors are encouraged to ask their healthcare providers and other medical facilities that honor the National Memory Screening Program about these screenings.

Advanced Diagnosis

Seniors who perform poorly in the preliminary memory screenings are encouraged to follow up with medical experts. For example, elderly folks who are suspected of having Alzheimer’s disease should undergo comprehensive MRI scans of the brain. This imaging technology can identify deterioration in the brain. A neurologist might have to evaluate the MRI images to establish a reliable diagnosis of dementia and other related cognitive deterioration. Once seniors are diagnosed, doctors may recommend suitable treatment and even Alzheimer’s home care in Nashville.

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