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Top 4 Places to Retire in Nashville, TN

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Places for Seniors To Retire in Nashville, TN

Retirement is the perfect time for seniors to enjoy some well-deserved downtime, but where that time should be spent is often a subject of indecision. To help your senior loved one figure out where to spend his or her retirement years, Nashville Home Care Assistance can suggest the following local retirement neighborhoods.

1. Bellevue

Bellevue is one of the top places in Nashville to attract retirees due to its quiet environment that is best described as slow paced. In addition to the peaceful atmosphere, residents can enjoy the local parks where they walk around and stay physically active. The local Bellevue Community Center also offers recreational activities each month where seniors can socialize and form relationships with other people in the neighborhood.

2. Sylvan Park

This neighborhood stands out to retirees because of its low crime rate. It’s also home to Sylvan Park and Golf Course where seniors can enjoy hours of golfing on the green. McCabe Park Community Center makes it easy for residents to partake in local events including making crafts or taking dance lessons with other residents. The residential homes are also in close proximity to business areas and recreational activities, so seniors don’t have to walk far to get around.

3. Green Hills

Green Hills is an ideal place to retire due in large part to the nearby shopping and restaurant options. Plenty of doctor’s offices and clinics are also established in the neighborhood, making it easy to obtain medical assistance without driving long distances. A YMCA facility is an additional draw for retirees where seniors can stay physically fit and active.

4. Hillsboro-Belmont

Although Hillsboro-Belmont is a hot spot for students who attend colleges in the local area, it’s still a great place to retire for seniors who want to live in close proximity to movie theaters, shops, and restaurants. For seniors who like to spend time outdoors, there are numerous parks available where they can get some fresh air and exercise. The low crime rate and active neighborhood allows seniors to safely enjoy this tight-knit community.

Once your loved one has settled in, Home Care Assistance can help your loved one make the most of his or her retirement. We provide comprehensive stroke, dementia and Alzheimer’s home care Nashville seniors can trust to promote longevity and vitality despite physical or cognitive limitations. Contact us at (615) 326-9849 today to learn how our services can be customized to boost your loved one’s wellbeing.