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4 New Year’s Activities for Aging Adults with Dementia

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Dementia Friendly Senior Activities in Nashville, TN

Seniors with dementia can have a wonderful New Year’s Eve with a little help from their families. Plan activities both you and your loved one will enjoy. Nashville dementia care professionals suggest including some fun crafts, food, and activities throughout the day that your loved one can enjoy.

1. Make a Wreath

Making a bright New Year’s Eve wreath can be a fun activity. Start by getting a multi-colored foil wreath that has several different colors, then head to the party supply aisle for some party hats, glasses, and noisemakers. Let your loved one attach the items to the wreath and hang them where everyone can enjoy.

2. Make Confetti-Filled Straws

Confetti straws are fun to make. Start with the widest clear straw you can find. Let your loved one staple one end closed. Fill the straw with confetti and staple the other end shut. Lightly coat the outside with a thin layer of glue and roll the straw around in some confetti. After it dries, gather several together in a tall vase for a beautiful New Year’s Eve decoration.

3. Play “Name That Year”

YouTube has the Time’s Square ball dropping from several different years. Create a short video splicing several of these ball drops together. Encourage your loved one to guess the year for each ball drop.

4. Make Tuxedo Hors D’oeuvres

Everyone will want an evening snack to keep going throughout the night. Encourage your loved one to help you make tasty snacks with round crackers, Laughing Cow cheeses, and black olives. Start by laying the round crackers out on a serving plate, then cut the cheese into a triangle lining up the edges of the cracker and cheese to create a shirt. Use the black olives to create buttons and a bow tie.

Incorporating seniors with dementia into New Year’s Eve celebrations can be a lot of fun. The great memories you build will enrich both your lives. Make sure your loved one has opportunities to engage in mentally stimulating activities all year long. At Home Care Assistance, we offer a program called the Cognitive Therapeutics Method (CTM), which uses activities to boost brain health and delay the onset of dementia. For more information on CTM and the senior home care Nashville families trust, call one of our knowledgeable Care Managers today at (615) 326-9849 to schedule a complimentary consultation.

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