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Do Aerobics Exercises Prevent Dementia?

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Staving Off Dementia in Seniors with Aerobics Exercises in Nashville, TN

Doctors are more convinced than ever before that seniors who do aerobic exercise are less likely to develop dementia. Before you encourage your senior loved one to head to the nearest gym, there are many aerobic exercises that can be done at home. The article below explains to Nashville dementia caregivers how this form of exercise fights dementia symptoms.

Exercising at Home

In order to qualify as an aerobic activity, the exercise needs to raise the heart rate. Generally, seniors can use the formula 220 minus their age to arrive at the maximum heart rate. Seniors should try to keep their heart rate at 65to 80 percent of this number for at least 30 minutes a day, four times a week for optimal results. If your loved one does not want to keep track of his or her heart rate, then he or she can monitor the level of exercise by how easy it is to carry on a conversation while working out.

Specific Exercises

There are many exercises that live-in and hourly caregivers in Nashville can encourage their loved ones to do at home. They can walk on a treadmill, ride a stationary bike or exercise on a rowing machine. Seniors should not, however, overlook other options to get their aerobic exercise, such as cleaning the house at a brisk pace or gardening outside.

How It Works

Researchers are not sure exactly why doing aerobic exercise helps prevent dementia. They think that part of the answer is that exercising on a regular basis improves cardiovascular health, increasing the blood flow to the brain. They also feel that exercising may help stop amyloid plaque from forming in the brain, which leads to dementia.

Encourage Exercise Now

Doctors believe that the earlier a person begins to exercise, the less likely that person is to develop dementia. Not only that, but exercise enthusiasts also enjoy improved psychological health, including the reduction of depression that accompanies dementia. 

Even if further research proves to be wrong, there are many benefits of exercising for seniors. Those who exercise regularly usually enjoy better range of motion, improved flexibility and a lower chance of having a stroke or heart attack. Help your loved one stay physically motivated when you call Home Care Assistance at (615) 326-9849. We provide reliable home care Nashville seniors need in order to boost physical, mental and emotional wellbeing. Talk to a friendly Care Manager today to learn how we can customize a unique schedule for your loved one.