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Protecting Seniors From Scams

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Older man reading a credit card number over the phone in Nashville, TN

Scammers know that the elderly are more likely to be sympathetic and generous to their pleads for help and assistance so they are often targeted by phone, email, and in person.

Family with aging loved ones must be cautious.  Older adults are typically on a fixed income and financial scammers can cost them their future security. Adult children and other relatives may end up sharing in the financial consequences, too.

How can we keep our loved ones’ finances secure from scammers? The best thing to do is to learn about common schemes. Talk with aging parents in senior care so they’re more inclined to recognize fraud. Scam artists can dupe persons of any age so a person or company needs to be researched before any money or information is given. Assure the older adult that he or she can contact you when something seems amiss. It’s not rude to hang up on phone solicitors and it’s okay to delete emails from strangers, too.

The same schemes have been around for a long time and these are the most common:

  • Falsified winnings – counterfeit lottery, fake contests, and supposedly free prizes. The crooks just want to obtain account information. They’ll ask for small fees to be covered. In actuality, they are trying to gain access to bank accounts.
  • Mock charity – fake relief from a real disaster. Non-profit organizations often really give aide, but scam artists try to capitalize on misfortune.
  • Impersonators – usual grandchildren, are in desperate straits because of jail or an accident. The emotional caller might state that he or she is desolate. If a prepaid gift card or a wire transfer is requested, it’s a red flag!
  • Door-to-door phonies – tactics such as the sale of fake products or subscriptions. This mistake can be costly.

Scheming criminals are attempting to access credit card and bank info from elderly in senior care so keep communication open with aging loved ones. Remind them you’re there for them and it’s not rude to be suspicious of strangers.

A caregiver can bring a sense of security to loved ones. They’re on the lookout for schemes when assisting the elderly in senior care. Learn more about in-home care by contacting Home Care Assistance of Nashville, TN.