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No Tobacco Day: Helping Your Loved One Quit

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How to Help Seniors Quit Tobacco Products in Honor of No Tobacco Day in Nashville, TN

May 31st is No Tobacco Day. The event was created by the World Health Organization to bring attention to the widespread use of tobacco and the need to cut the use of tobacco products. While seniors are well aware of the health hazards associated with smoking, they also understand the addiction behind the habit. However, there are many methods that Nashville hourly caregivers and loved ones might implement in order to help an older adult quit.

Quitting Is Not Easy

Seniors who smoke have probably been doing so for many decades. Many have also more than likely quit multiple times but were defeated by cravings. When finally making the decision to quit, smokers are often plagued with increased heart rates and weight gain due to the fact that many turn to food to fight temptation. These situations pose a problem for many who return to smoking. Many over-the-counter and prescription formulas regularly used to quit the habit may not be appropriate for seniors depending on certain medical conditions. Alternatives might include chewing gum or sugar-free candy.

Making the Decision

The decision to quit tobacco products must be made by the elderly adult. Complaining, scolding or lecturing a senior is not only annoying, but also does little to get individuals to stop smoking. If an elderly relative expresses a desire to quit tobacco, provide encouragement and support. Most have undoubtedly overcome many obstacles within their lifetime. Remind them of their inner strength and that tobacco is merely one more hurdle to overcome.

Healthy Diversions

Though people commonly use tobacco products throughout the day, there are particular times that are most acquainted with lighting up. Individuals often enjoy a cigarette first thing in the morning with a cup of coffee or following meals. Help them develop alternative activities to retrain the brain. Activities might include going for a walk or playing a game. Help your loved one set short and long-term goals and commemorate their efforts with rewards when successful.

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