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Fun Halloween Ideas for Seniors and Their Grandkids

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Halloween is a great time for seniors and grandkids to come together for some seasonal fun. Activities provide the chance to reminisce about past events while creating new memories. There are plenty of ideas that provide entertainment and fun for all. Following are some activities that come highly recommended by Nashville at-home care providers.

DIY Decorations

Compile various craft items on a table and let older adults and children have a blast making Halloween decorations. Simple craft kits might also allow seniors to pass on their crafting skills to youngsters by completing basic stitching projects that they can proudly display in windows on Halloween night. 

Pumpkin Decorating

Depending on the ability of seniors and children, decorating efforts may include anything from traditional pumpkin carving to using water-based markers and paints. Hats, straw, sequins or other craft items can also serve to embellish artistic creations.


There is no reason why seniors cannot accompany parents or singly enjoy taking little ones out for a night of trick-or-treat fun. They might also delight in helping youngsters design costumes and dress up for a successful evening of candy collecting. 

Community Events

Many towns and cities across the country host family-friendly Halloween-themed events. Zoos small and large create age-appropriate spooky events complete with snacks and treats. Recreation centers might also offer costumed Halloween parties. The facilities are also usually disability-friendly environments, which allows seniors with limited mobility to take part. 

Movie Marathon

Whether they want a modern family flick or an old-time popular favorite, elderly adults and grandchildren might select one or more spooky or funny Halloween movies and enjoy a night of relaxation and each other’s company. 

Halloween Treats

In preparation for a movie night or a holiday party, seniors and little ones can work together in the kitchen to create many different ghoulish-looking goodies. Even the youngest of grandchildren are thrilled to make and bake monster fingers, macabre eyeballs, mud cakes or other sinister snacks. 

Halloween Party

Decorate the house, make the treats, don costumes and have an old-fashioned party. Play games like bobbing for apples or plan other activities that can be enjoyed by all. Just remember to take turns handing out candy to enthusiastic trick-or-treaters.

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