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Senior Lifestyle Factors That Improve Brain Health

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Sometimes it is easy to forget about all the different lifestyle factors that have an impact on overall health as we age. We tend to forget about keeping our brains healthy, but our physical health is a top priority. As a senior, boosting your brain health is equally as important! Take a look below where we’re sharing the top factors that will help you keep a healthy mind as you age.

Get Good Sleep

Start out by learning the basics. You will want to get high-quality sleep every night. Getting good sleep is important for your brain to wake up rejuvenated the next day. Seniors need a minimum of 8 hours of good, deep sleep each night.

Stay Active

An active mind can be boosted by staying physically active, too! If you’re getting in your daily exercise, even if it’s just taking a walk, you’ll be working to improve both your body and mind’s strength. Regular activity helps us feel better because we release endorphins that make our brain happier!


Sure, it might seem old-fashioned. But there’s a reason why journaling is still a popular practice! Try writing down your thoughts and emotions each day. This is a therapeutic act and can relieve the stress you’ve been carrying around. When you’re less stressed, your brain feels good.

Eat and Drink Healthy

As you get older, you need to power your body with more of the good things it needs to remain healthy. For seniors, this typically looks like getting more Vitamin C from delicious whole foods such as peppers and oranges. Staying hydrated is important and you will want to focus on getting enough water. Finally, try and reduce your caffeine intake. We recommend making a switch from coffee to tea!

Talk to Other People

Go for it and join a local club or community project to help you stay social! Participating in good conversations with like-minded people allows you to make sincere connections and relationships – a wonderful thing for a healthy brain!

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