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Social Distancing for Seniors: Training Your Loved One to Use Skype

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Social Distancing for Seniors-Teaching Your Loved One to Use Skype

In the midst of the coronavirus, we are all finding the way we communicate with family, friends, and co-workers to be drastically changing. Now more than ever we’re leaning on technology to text, phone call, and video chat with our loved ones. For our senior citizens, this is especially true. Seniors are more susceptible to catching the virus, and so it’s important they only be in contact with friends and family virtually. You can easily teach your senior loved one to use Skype, a video chat platform, by following our advice below.

Make it Simple

If you want to make this process as easy as possible for your senior, we recommend not overcomplicating the steps of making a video call and keeping your explanations clear with understandable language. Make sure your senior knows the basics of Skype – How to find the Skype icon on a phone or computer, locating the person they want to call, and then going through with the process of making the video call.

Write it Down

Once you’ve completed going through the basic Skype steps with your senior, you might want to consider writing down those exact steps for them to reference at later dates. Rather than relying on their memory, consulting a list will help them remember the steps in case they forget. 

Repeat, Repeat, Repeat

After you have run through the Skype video call process several times with your senior, it’s time to let them try to make a call on their own. Have them repeat the steps for you while you simply observe. The process should begin to feel habitual for them, so they will more likely to remember how to make a call.

Extra Advice

As you’re explaining the process, help your senior to make familiar connections. An example: While you’re showing them how to find a person to call on Skype, compare it to looking up a friend in their address book. Take a break or slow down if your senior becomes frustrated or confused. Finally, make sure your senior can effectively use the volume buttons and end a video call when they’re ready to say goodbye.

Need further advice for teaching your senior loved one how to video chat during these historic times? Call and chat with our experts here at Home Care Assistance… We are here for you!