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Staying Active is Vital to Good Health While Aging

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Older woman in pink sweater staying active outdoors in Nashville, TN

Staying active is vital to good health, regardless of age. Everyone needs a regular physical activity for adequate balance, strength, and cardiovascular health. Regular exercise can also reduce the threat of chronic diseases. Older adults can enhance their health and vitality by increasing physical activity levels. Remember that it’s important to start slowly and gradually increase intensity.

Walking is Always Available

Walking is available to most people, regardless of age. There aren’t any membership fees either! Just go for a walk in the neighborhood or venture further to find nature trails. Invite family or friends to come along!

TV Doesn’t Have to be Unhealthy

If there’s a stationary bicycle or treadmill, TV doesn’t have to be unhealthy! Allow the commercials to cue your stretch times or get stronger by lifting hand weights. Put on some lively music to lift spirits and do some dancing.

Enjoy the Garden

The backyard can create feelings of wellbeing, especially if you enjoy herbs, produce and flowers from the garden! The aroma of natural scents can be invigorating.

Golfing can be Good

Golfing presents additional opportunities for walking if a cart’s not used. Even if you’re not a good golfer, it can be a fun social time and stimulating to the brain.

Find a Pool

Find a local pool to strengthen the cardiovascular, respiratory, and musculoskeletal systems.  It may reduce arthritic or joint pain, too. Community facilities often have water aerobics classes and swim times designated for older adults.

Professional Help when Necessary

We all may need assistance at times. Your aging loved one might enjoy the advantages of a caregiver from time to time. Home Care Assistance professionals can perform daily tasks or assist with other physical activities in order to maintain an independent lifestyle. Transportation to medical appointments and social events can be incredibly helpful!

A family usually starts to realize there may not be enough hours in the day for all the activities their loved ones want or need. It can be frustrating, but there’s no reason to feel sad or guilty when Home Care Assistance can be there to help! Hiring respite care will allow older adults to have uninterrupted activities while you get a well-deserved break.

Caregivers through Home Care Assistance can help with meals, physical activity and personal hygiene for whatever length of time you need. Call us at Home Care Assistance to inquire about in-home care for your loved ones.