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Safety Tips for Seniors Visiting the Pool This Summer

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How to Keep Seniors Safe at the Pool in Nashville, TN

The pool is a great place to cool off while enjoying some refreshing exercise and essential socialization during the summer. However, the sunny outdoor environment can provide some unique challenges for seniors, so it is important for in-home Nashville caregivers to remember these essential safety tips while accompanying their loved ones to the pool.

Use Sun Protection

This tip is beneficial for people of all ages, but it is particularly applicable for seniors since they are at a higher risk of developing skin cancer. Always use a sunscreen that protects from both UVA and UVB rays and has an SPF of at least 30. Some seniors may also benefit from UV resistant clothing, wide brimmed hats, and frequent breaks in the shade.

Enter and Exit the Pool Safely

Most pools provide a variety of entry points, but seniors should always use the entrances and exits with broad, shallow steps that have railings to grip onto to avoid tripping and falling. Seniors with mobility issues may benefit from extra assistance into or out of the pool.

Know Your Limits

Though swimming is a low-impact exercise, it is still possible to get over exhausted or damage muscles and joints. Seniors should take it slow and get used to swimming again when they start visiting the pool regularly. Try to gradually build endurance instead of immediately attempting lengthy or rigorous swims.

Stay Hydrated

Many seniors do not feel the effects of dehydration while they are in the pool, but the hot sun can actually make dehydration happen quicker. Seniors should try to drink at last 32 ounces of fluid every hour at the pool, though they may need more if they are exercising strenuously.

Never Swim Alone

Next to young children, seniors are the highest-risk age group for drowning and other water related injuries. Seniors should always swim with a companion who can either help them or call for aid if anything happens. If you cannot accompany your loved one to the pool, reach out to a trusted Nashville, TN, home care agency that can assign a compatible caregiver to your family member.

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