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Three Ways to Bond With Your Loved One in Senior Care

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Want to become better connected with your loved one in senior care? At Home Care Assistance, we have 3 powerful – yet simple – suggestions for you to strengthen your bond and improve your relationship with your senior! Take a look below.

Social Activities

Help your loved one in senior care become engaged with social activities. Getting involved with them make you feel more connected, whether you’re doing water aerobics or a mentally stimulating board game, like chess! Social activities will help to improve your senior’s overall health, both physically and emotionally.

Physical Health. More physical activities for your senior means better overall physical health! These activities will increase their strength, help them get better sleep, and work up more of an appetite.

Emotional Health. Being social can positively impact your senior’s mood thanks to frequent interaction with others. This also works to ward off depression, which can be common among seniors.

Using Technology

Technology… It keeps you and your senior connected even when you can’t be with them physically!

Simple Computers. Using an all-in-one computer is simple for your senior! These special applications make using email, video chats, and surfing the internet a breeze!

Tablets. Even simpler is the tablet. They do not require tons of instructions to use them, and they’re easily hand-held. They make a great option for things like browsing photos, making video calls, using the internet, setting reminders for medications, and keeping in touch via email.

Talking and Visiting

Don’t count out simply spending time with your senior and being in their company. This is one of the most effective ways to connect while they’re in senior care!

Share Memories. Reminisce on your favorite memories with your senior – It’s a great way to bond while stimulating their memory! This easy activity reminds them of all the good times they have shared with friends and family.

Ask for Advice. Ask your senior for advice. It shows how much you love and respect them, while also reminding them that their thoughts and opinions are valued.

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