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Three Ways to Get to Know Your In Home Care Provider Better

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Need some tips on connecting with your parent or grandparent’s caregiver? If you have a senior using in home care services, chances are you’re interacting with their caregiver often. We understand that it can sometimes be difficult to connect with that person, so we’ve come up with several different ways to help you build a positive relationship with them!

Read below to start off your relationship with your senior’s caregiver on the right foot:

Make Sure They are the Right Fit

Making the right choice when deciding on a caregiver for your senior’s in home care is the first and most important step towards developing a good relationship!

If you feel that a caregiver is not a right for your family, or if you do not feel a good connection with them, it is best to choose another and move on. When choosing someone, it is helpful to share your senior’s medical background, history, and likes and dislikes during the interview process.

Start a Conversation

It’s all about communication. We suggest communicating with your senior’s caregiver early on and often! Clear and frequent communication helps to establish expectations, build trust, and avoid any misunderstandings. When a caregiver knows what is expected of their in home care duties, they will be more likely to have a positive experience working with your family.

But, Be Respectful of Their Privacy

As you start to bond with your caregiver, you might begin to be curious about their private life. However, it is good practice to be respectful of their privacy so they can always be comfortable around your family. Not asking about personal things also works to set professional boundaries and helps them to respect your privacy as well.

In lieu of asking personal questions, try these light topics of conversation instead that will still help you get to know your caregiver better:

  • Why did the caregiver choose this profession?
  • Where is the caregiver from?
  • What are the caregiver’s hobbies?
  • What kind of food, books, or movies does the caregiver enjoy?

If you’re getting ready to enroll your senior in in home care services, we would love the opportunity to develop a personalized care program that fits for your family. Call Home Care Assistance today for your consultation!

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