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Tips for Seniors to Stay Active in Colder Months

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Senior Walking in a Cold Month

In Nashville, Tennessee, we’re not quite safe from the winter season! We endure the colder temperatures, some snowfall, and even ice! This can make it more challenging for seniors to stay active in the winter, but instead, try to embrace the season and look towards new opportunities! Read through our best tips below for seniors to stay active this winter.

Stay Physically Active Whether You are Inside or Out!

Layer up your clothes and head outside anyway!

You don’t have to stay inside just because the temperatures are cooling off. Just make sure the sidewalks aren’t slippery and go out for a walk! Grab a few extra layers, some gloves, a scarf, and enjoy!

Get moving around your home if you prefer to stay indoors.

If you would rather just stay indoors and escape the cold altogether, we understand. Get active in your home instead! Do some housekeeping chores like vacuuming or reorganizing to work up a sweat or make a dedicated space for workout equipment such as a treadmill, weights, and exercise ball!

Being Active is Not Limited to Physical Activity.

Play some games and challenge your mind!

It is crucial as a senior to take care of your mind as well as your body this winter. Keeping the mind active and engaged is made simple thanks to fun activities like board games, word games, and different types of puzzles! Perfect for staying mentally stimulated.

Get socially active!

Do not neglect to get involved in social activities. Whether virtually or in-person, you can join a club in your community in order to make new connections and socialize with like-minded seniors. If your club has a focus on fitness, then you’re really getting the best of both worlds – social and physical activity!

Our knowledgeable senior care team is only a phone call away here at Home Care Assistance of Nashville. If you need more suggestions advice on the best ways for seniors to stay active this winter, please reach out to us at any time! Give us a call or schedule a consultation today to learn more about our senior care services!

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