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Natural Sources of Vitamin E

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Healthy Sources of Vitamin E for Seniors in Nashville, TN

Vitamin E safeguards against a wide variety of diseases, including cancer, heart disease, Alzheimer’s disease, and eye damage. Doctors recommend that we consume approximately 15 milligrams of vitamin E each day, but many people fall short. Hourly Nashville caregivers often have trouble monitoring their senior loved one’s intake of this important nutrient. Luckily, vitamin E can be found naturally in many foods, including some of the following.


Various nuts, particularly almonds and hazelnuts, are some of the best sources of vitamin E. One ounce of almonds has 35 percent of an adult’s daily vitamin E intake, and one ounce of hazelnuts has approximately 21 percent. Additionally, nuts make for a quick and easy snack Nashville caregivers can give to seniors.


One cup of cooked spinach has 18 percent of the recommended daily intake of vitamin E. Other dark leafy greens, such as chard, turnip greens, and kale, also contain high amounts of the nutrient as well. Add these greens as a side dish for your loved one’s dinner each night to ensure he or she consumes enough vitamin E.


Cooked broccoli is an excellent and low-calorie source of vitamin E. One cup of broccoli contains 10 percent of the daily recommendation for vitamin E. Broccoli is also a good source of many other vitamins, including vitamins A and B6.


Among many other vitamins, one avocado has about 20 percent of an adult’s daily vitamin E intake. One cup of cubed avocado has about 15 percent and can be easily incorporated in your loved one’s diet in guacamole, a smoothie, or even by itself.


One cup of cooked pumpkin contains about 10 percent of an adult’s vitamin E intake. Cooked butternut squash and sweet potatoes are other great sources of vitamin E that can be served both savory and sweet to suit your loved one’s tastes.

Sunflower Seeds

Sunflower seeds are one of the most vitamin E-rich foods. One ounce of roasted sunflower seeds has about half of the recommended amount of vitamin E and one cup has almost 250 percent. Sunflower oil also has a high concentration of the nutrient and can be used to prepare numerous dishes.

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