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Ways to Make Your Home More Accessible for an Elderly Loved One

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If you provide senior care for an elderly loved one within your own home, you know that it’s not uncommon for a house to prevent accessibility obstacles to seniors. And when it comes to senior care, nothing matters more than comfort. While your house may be perfectly suited for your family, it can be a challenge for a senior to navigate. However, there are many different things you can add or adjust in your home to make it more secure and accessible to keep your senior comfortable!

The Exterior

Let’s first consider the outside of the home. You can install a no-step entryway to make entering and leaving your home a breeze for your senior! A no-step entryway means there are no steps leading into the home, from the sidewalk to the driveway to the entrance. These are ideal for seniors with mobility issues or who are in a wheelchair.

The Bathroom

Bathrooms should be kept comfortable and safe due to how much time is spent there and how frequently it’s visited. To help your senior raise and lower themselves into a shower or onto a toilet, you can install grab bars or handles. If your shower has plenty of space, you can easily add a chair if your senior has trouble standing. A roll-in shower can also be considered since it is easier to get in and out of.

The Bedroom

Your senior should feel secure and comfortable in their bedroom too, where they will spend much of their time. Switch out the traditional flip switch for a roller light switch – they are easier to handle for seniors! Be sure to leave lots of room for your senior to maneuver in their bedroom, and make items like shelving in closets easy to be reached.

The Kitchen

You can adjust the kitchen, the heart of the home, to be more senior care-friendly with a few improvements. Install varying countertop heights and/or lower cooking surfaces to save your senior from back pain (especially if they love to cook!). For microwaves and other mounted appliances, adjust them so they are at a reachable height.

Fine-tuning your home for senior care can be a challenge in and of itself, but Home Care Assistance is here for you and ready to help. Please reach out to our experts today and schedule your consultation.

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