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Why Older Adults are Higher Risk for Coronavirus

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While the Coronavirus pandemic is still in motion, we continue to learn new things about the virus and how to keep ourselves safe. One thing has remained constant, however – Older adults are more at-risk of catching the virus.

But don’t let that panic you!

There are several reasons why, along with several ways your senior loved one can stay safe and healthy during these times.

Why Are Older Adults More at Risk?

The older we get, the weaker our immune systems become. This unfortunately means that senior citizens have double the chances of contracting Coronavirus if they come in contact with it. With a deteriorating immune system, the body cannot fight off infection or disease as well as it once could. Similarly, the body also cannot repair and recover like it used to. Aging takes its toll on the longs, too. Lungs lose their resiliency and elasticity with age, and that makes Coronavirus, known for causing difficulty with breathing, very dangerous to seniors.

How Can Older Adults Protect Themselves?

Limit Visitations

If you are currently visiting with your senior more than once a week, we highly suggest that you scale back your visitations for your senior’s safety. Consider video calls or phone calls with your senior in place of a visitation while the pandemic lasts. Limitations on visits should also include any trips to the doctor for your senior. If an appointment is not medically necessary, your seniors should try and reschedule their appointment.

Follow Guidelines

It’s also wise to simply follow the Center for Disease Control’s (CDC) guidelines. Everyone is encouraged to wash their hands frequently and thoroughly. This involves rubbing the hands together vigorously for at least 20 seconds. Your senior should have their countertops and doorknobs, frequently touched surfaces, sanitized often. If your senior must head to the doctor or is visiting with their family, the CDC encourages them to wear a mask for their protection.

Have Supplies

While your senior is isolating and quarantining at home, the last thing you want to happen is for them to run out of supplies! This includes basic household items, like soap, disinfectants, and toilet paper. However, your senior also needs to be sure they have enough of any routine medications they are taking and plenty of food! You can help your senior stay stocked on these items by running errands weekly for them.

For further guidance and information to keep your senior loved one safe during the Coronavirus pandemic, please contact our experts at Home Care Assistance and schedule your consultation.

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